Sunday, January 31, 2010

Airplane Museum with Friends

Anthony's Christmas present for Claire and Robert was a trip to the airplane museum. (Robert's Daddy is a pilot, too.) They had a GREAT time together. The top picture is Anthony sitting in some sort of airplane. The middle picture is on the observation platform. You can stand there and watch the planes at the San Carlos airport take off and land. The bottom picture is playing in a helicopter simulator.

I think that Hiller is probably Anthony's favorite place in the whole wide world and it was great sharing it with his friends.

(By the way, he's wearing his airplane sweater for the occasion!)
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Current adventures....

I'm signing Anthony up for preschool this fall. I have to say, its REALLY REALLY stressing me out. Over PRESCHOOL!!

So, this is how it works. Registration starts Monday morning. Historically families would camp out overnight to reserve their place in line. Its now slightly more humane, the line is "virtual". You show up Monday morning and put your name on the list. (The first Moms there started the list.) Then there is role call Monday and Tuesday at 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. Your presence continues to hold your place in line. Then Wednesday you show up at 7:30 to line up for 8:00 registration.

This really is truly crazy. However, my motivations....
I truly fell in love with this particular preschool when I toured it. Everyone I know who has sent their children there have only said good things about it. It is one of the two preschools that our daycare provider deliver kids to.

About the program:
I want little dude in the "morning threes". It will be two days a week for 3 hours a day. It is a playbased program. There is certainly structure in their day, but no worksheets or anything awful like that. I shadowed one room in December when I toured. One group was doing pattern work: strip of paper with a dot on the left edge. They alternated gluing on dark blue and light blue stars, starting at the dot. A pre-reading activity--left to right, pattern recognition, and still a little difficult for some of the kids. The other group had stockings they were decorating with stripes. You counted out FIVE stripes and glued them on. Then you could decorate with stickers, etc. I also saw tricycle time (each group gets daily tricycle time) and gymnastics, which they get once a week. (This isn't competitive tumbling, but organized play.)

Sorry about the lack of pictures. We had to take apart the computer to move the desk to get the windows installed. Nothing is put back together yet.

Edited to add: We're in!
Now, hopefully we'll get my job situation sorted out (i.e. new job) and that it will work to keep Anthony at his current daycare so he can go to this preschool!

Friday, January 1, 2010