Saturday, September 15, 2007

It might be a surprise after all!

Let's see...

Well, we might have to re-name this blog. Victoria had a doctor appointment and it appears that Munchkin might actually be a girl! She might be a girl wearing a camouflage flight suit and a onesie that says "Daddy's little wingman". Better that than a boy wearing a little pink dress!

I think we've picked out a girl's name combination. Now we're just waiting for the baby to come! Its kind of exciting having it be a surprise all of a sudden!

Monday, September 10, 2007

We've Taken Our Class!

Tonight was our infant care class. It was a little strange being the very-obviously non-pregnant woman in the room. But, it was okay.

Truthfully I didn't learn much, mostly because I've been reading/preparing for years now. But it was definitely reassuring. I think Bob learned more.

Its funny, I'm pretty darn confident that I have changed diapers before, but its probably been 20 years. I did so much babysitting in high school, and mom did in-home day care, I must have changed a diaper.

Bob claims to be a newbie, though. But, I have every confidence that he will be a pro soon enough!

Oh yeah, note to self: El Camino hospital is a long walk from the house. I always thought of it as being just on the other side of the park. Well, it is, but it still took us almost 1/2 an hour to walk there and back.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Munchkin's Room

Here's some pictures we've taken of Munchkin's room. I think we're just about done!

For the past 4 years we essentially used this room to store art supplies. It had Karin's big cabinet of rubber stamps, the enlarger, mat cutter and drymount press, 4 cameras and a bunch of lenses and about a gazillion framed photographs.

We've done a good job sorting/organizing and consolidating that gear. (Although we still need to find a home for the drymount press.)

We worked pretty hard to get the nursery ready. We needed new baseboards cut (they were removed after the Great Water Heater Flood of 2006). Bob mastered his mitre-saw. As I told him, you bought the toy, you get to use the toy!

Bob also did most of the painting as I seem to be the queen of brushmarks. For those who care, below the chair rail the color is Christopher Robin's Swing and the sky blue is Thoughtful Spot.

Putting together the crib was an adventure in itself. We discovered that the directions were not including in the crib box. While I was on-hold trying to get the directions faxed to us (success!) he figured out how it all worked! Nothing like being married to an engineer!!!

The room came with a great organizer system built in. We removed the closet doors, though as there were two doors but three sections of the organizer. With the doors in place, the middle shelves are essentially useless.

Note the presence of Bob's new dump truck. Vince still has Bob's childhood one, we're leaving it in Omaha for Munchkin to play with there.

You can't tell so well from these pictures, but the crib has the Winnie the Pooh collection inside, including a "My First Pooh", Tigger and Eeyore. They were shower gifts from Jessica.

I think we're just about ready for Munchkin to make an appearance!!!
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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weekend In Omaha

So, we had our last weekend away without children!!!

Bob's cousin Matt got married in Omaha last weekend. It was a great weekend, the whole family was there. And, when dealing with Bob's family, the phrase "the whole family" means something!! There were over 400 people at the wedding, well over a third of that was family.

My sisters-in-law threw a really nice shower for us Friday night. I think there were close to 50 people there. Its really wonderful how supportive everyone is! I got the opportunity to spend time with some of his family that I'd never really talked to before like Sister Regina and T and Bob. I really am blessed to have joined such a welcoming family. Munchkin got some cute new clothes, lots with an airplane theme. My FIL also pulled Bob's old Tonka truck out of the basement. We're leaving that one in Omaha to play with there and brought home the new one for Munchkin when he gets big enough to play.

Jessica put together an album with the advice everyone has given us. I'd say that the best came from Dave who reminded us that babies should not use the automated litter box, no matter how cool it is. (I don't think we're going to let Uncle Dave babysit!)