Thursday, October 16, 2014

Harvest Fair at Ardenwood Farm

Our family had a great time at Ardenwood Farm for their annual harvest fair.  We picked plenty of corn.  This year we didn't lose any children in the corn field!

Anthony's favorite part by FAR was touring the historical Patterson house.  We could go from room to room at our own pace, with docents in each room to answer questions.  We probably stayed in the kitchen through three different groups.  He was so interested in all the different gadgets.  When the docent picked up the ice tongs he knew EXACTLY what they were from watching Frozen a million times.  She then showed them the ice box and explained how it works.  He remembered an amazing number of details from last year, including the memorial displays woven from human hair.  He also really enjoyed watching the women from the quilters guild work.

We didn't spend too much time with the animals, but we did enjoy watching the pigs wallow in the mud.

Monday, October 13, 2014

School Walk-a-Thon

Anthony had a great time at the school walk-a-thon.  I took a half day at work to join him!  He walked 38 laps, which was significantly fewer than his stated goal of all 75.  He was proud of his efforts, as was I.

No pictures, but Richard also walked a handful of laps.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Anthony's Birthday Party

 As you can tell from the cake picture, Anthony had a Harry Potter birthday party!  I made the cake myself, I'm still quite proud of it.

  His party was your basic party at the park.  Despite scheduling it for the hottest day of the year, everyone had a great time.

  I had a custom pinata made, meant to be the Golden Snitch.  Anthony originally didn't want a snitch pinata.  The Golden Snitch, you see, is a VERY tiny quidditch ball, and he wanted his pinata to be BIG.  One we clarified that he could have a BIG Golden Snitch, Anthony was fully onboard with the idea.

  The pinata store made our pinata especially rugged.  After each kid had several turns, Bob went at the pinata as the children all cheered him on.  It was really quite funny.  Evidently it made quite an impression.  The majority of the kids wrote their Monday essay at school about Anthony's Daddy breaking open the pinata.