Monday, September 29, 2014

Rock Stars

The boys have a new favorite activity.

Rock Star Video

For those who aren't up to date on their children's music, this is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse soundtrack.  Richard LOVES it.  Pretty much every time he goes into Anthony's room he runs straight to the dresser and points and grunts for Anthony to turn the music on.  Anthony will, of course, and he turns it on LOUD.  If it isn't the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CD, Richard wails until Anthony changes it for him.  Of course, Anthony always does, because it makes his brother so happy.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Early Birthday Party

The last night of our trip my parents took everyone to Farrell's ice cream parlor for dinner.  Farrell's is one of those places where birthdays are accompanied by singing and drumming, so we had to celebrate the September and October birthdays there.

While we were waiting for out table, Anthony and Felix (the classroom's traveling rabbit) tried on some funny sunglasses.  It was a LONG wait for dessert!  Anthony eagerly waited and watched other people have their celebrations, and then finally it was his time.  (We were celebrating my sister's birthday, too, but she let Anthony hog the spotlight.)  He was a little embarrassed at all the fuss, but I know he enjoyed it.  He also enjoyed his ice cream sundae.  I don't think he's ever gotten an ice cream that big before--he gets the child size at Baskin-Robbins.

Poor Richard had a bit of a melt-down.  He started off happily eating vanilla ice cream from our sundae.  Then he asked for seconds, so I gave him some.  Then he had this massive meltdown and we couldn't figure out what the problem was.  We even gave him MORE vanilla ice cream and he wouldn't stop fussing. 

Then my sister had a stroke of genius and brought him some chocolate ice cream.  And the child was happy.

Friday, September 26, 2014

More of Disneyland

I just love Disneyland.  We've only been twice with the kids, but both times we had a really good day.  This time as we walked into the park, Anthony commented how nice it was that we were together as a family.  Last time we went, the baby was in the NICU!

Each person in our family gets to pick one thing they want to do most.  After that, its all up in the air.  My pick was the parade, Bob's was the Indiana Jones Ride, Anthony's pick was the Matterhorn (with a visit to Elsa as a second pick).  We decided to wait awhile and see what to pick for Richie.

As we walked through the gate, who did we see but the Great Mouse Himself.  Bob immediately declared that was Richie's pick.  Richie actually enjoyed Minnie better, she was a flirt!

Bob and Anthony went to ride the Matterhorn (twice), while I stood in line for a FastPass to see Elsa.  We did the storybookland boats, then Richie slept in the Ergo for awhile while we all rode the Alice in Wonderland Ride and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.  Yes, the baby slept through Mr. Toad's!

Everyone did get their favorites in.  We all enjoyed the parade after Bob and Anthony waited in line over an hour to meet with the princesses.  During that time I took the baby to ride the carousel and the Casey Jr. Train.
I have to say, Disneyland is by FAR my favorite amusement park.  Yes, its got the magic and all that.  But its more.  It is perfect for our family!  Thanks to the rider switch passes, both parents were able to ride the roller coasters easily.  But even more than that, the baby could ride EVERYTHING, even while sleeping!  Well, everything except the roller coasters.  He's old enough to know he likes rides, and old enough to be sad if he misses out.  At Disneyland, he didn't have to miss out.  (Unlike Legoland, the park that claims to cater to small people and has TWO rides that the poor kid can ride.)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Disneyland Trip

 We took advantage of a three day weekend at school for a quick trip to Disneyland.  Daddy flew us down after school got out on Thursday.  I wish I could say the flight was uneventful.  Turns out that Anthony really does need dramamine before flying!

  Despite a long pause to clean up the airplane (and many other things) we arrived at Disney in time to meet my parents for dinner at Goofy's kitchen.

  We weren't sure how the baby would be with the characters.  He's generally brave, but most babies have the common sense to be terrified of oversized strangers.  Richie was quite distrustful of Goofy, as expected.

Minnie walked into the room as we were eating dinner.  Richie went APE!  He screamed "Mickey" repeatedly at her.  I didn't know he knew who Mickey was, let alone that he knew the word!  She finally made her way over to the table and they had a great time flirting with each other.  When Dale made it to the table later in the evening, Richie knew exactly what to do.

Anthony enjoyed meeting with the characters, including Princess Aurora.  He didn't eat any dinner, but I certainly didn't push it.  He certainly put away dessert, though.  So did the baby.  Turns out he gets a little twitchy when he gets a tiny bite of someone else's dessert.  He wants his own whole serving, thank you very much.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

First Haircut

This post is a long time coming!

When Anthony had his back-to-school haircut last month we decided it was time for Richard to get his first haircut.  Honestly, I'm surprised he was ready for a haircut so soon.  Poor thing was bald for a very long time.  I kind of miss playing with his long hair in the back, but I'm glad his bangs aren't in his eyes anymore.

Being a second child and all, instead of going to the overpriced children's hair salon, we went to Great Clips where Bob and Anthony get their haircuts.

Richie  got kind of nervous when they first put the drape on him, but he settled down pretty quickly.  Like Anthony when he got his first haircut, he found the whole thing quite interesting.  He didn't sit still very well, but at least he didn't scream his way through the cut, either.

When all was done he got a lollipop all to himself.  Sweet child immediately turned to share it with me!