Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Feeding Time for Blue Bear!

Make that Blue Bear #3.  Blue Bear #1 is "Big Blue Bear" and #2 lives at daycare for naptime.  This particular blue bear is technically Anthony's.  Richie has latched onto it.  He's not completely attached, but he is quite fond of it.  Its made for a few sibling squabbles.  I generally take Richie's side.  Anthony never played with it, and Richie adores it.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Scouting For Food

Scouting for Food is our annual big service project.  We put door hangers out in our designated neighborhood last week, and this week returned to collect our goods.  I was expecting return to be quite low, so overall I was pleasantly surprised.

Anthony's block started off poor, we were nearly down the block before we came upon any houses with donations.  Then we saw someone outside and asked her.  She came running out with cans.  The going back down the street the other day we hit the motherload of cans--someone had clearly gone to Costco directly after getting our Scouting for Food flyer!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Police Station Tour

I just realized, I don't think Anthony's little face made it into the group picture.

Our Cub Scout Den toured MVPD last week.  The boys had an amazing time.  We met the chief of police, saw the dispatch center and got a full tour of the booking area and holding cells.  The boys asked a lot of really nice questions.  Anthony asked about what food people get when they are in jail.  The answer is that they aren't in the holding cells here for very long, but if its over a mealtime, they can get what they want, within reason.  NO dessert.

Everybody's favorite part, by far, was the stainless steel potty.  They were fascinated!

This picture was taken in the booking area.  Yes, its on gigantic mug-shot.

Speaking of mug shots.  Bob met me at the station to take Richard home.  As he left work early one of his colleagues asked where he was going.  His response was that he was picking his kid up at the police station.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

22 Months!

Richard turned 22 months old on Halloween!

Here he is showing off one of his favorite activities, zooming around on his riding toys.  This weekend he rode his car toy all the way to the park, did a zillion laps around the park and rode home.

He can also jump off objects with both feet, AND jump up and down.  He uses 2-3 word sentences, but you really have to pay attention to understand him.

And he sings.  He loves to sing "Let It Go" from Frozen.  He'll also sing the "Happy Snowman" (pronounced "Hap Do") from "In Summer" and assorted other lyrics.

Richard has a pretty good temper.  When he gets mad he'll even stamp his little feet.  Probably shouldn't laugh at him, but I can't help myself.

Still tiny.  He is wearing, but nearly outgrowing his 12-18 month clothing.  Some of it.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bad Squirrel

 Anthony was quite upset.  Fortunately he didn't make the connection that Daddy was too busy taking pictures to scare the squirrel away from his pumpkin.

Monday, November 3, 2014


The boys had a great Halloween!  I played hooky Halloween afternoon so that I could watch the costume parade and help out at the class party.  It was fun.  There were a number of Harry Potters, but there were far more Frozen Princesses!

Richard was Mickey Mouse.  I was contented to have him wear a hand-me-down costume from a neighbor, but Bob pointed out that Richard knew who Mickey was.   Sure enough, when I showed Richie his reflection in the mirror, he pointed and said, "Mickey".

Anthony trick-or-treated with his gal Pals C and K.  Richie tagged along for quite awhile.  He had a grand old time.

Prize Winning Pumpkin

Every year our Cub Scout Pack has a pumpkin carving contest.  Anthony and I made his carved like the three headed alien toy from Toy Story.

Obviously I did the knife work, but Anthony helped scoop out the goopy stuff (against his will) and poke out the pieces I carved.

His pumpkin actually won a prize.  Good thing.  In the car driving over I asked him if he was going to cry if he didn't win.  He truthfully answered yes.  We're working on better sportsmanship!