Monday, April 30, 2012

May Day

Anthony's preschool class celebrated May Day today.  They danced around a May Pole, had someone leave them flowers at the classroom door, and then made their own May Baskets using flowers they'd brought from home.  Anthony came home SO excited to make May Baskets for his neighbors.  We came home and hurriedly put together 4 baskets with roses from our yard.

The best response was from H (the proverbial little red-headed girl), "Oh, are these for ME?" and from M next door who invited us in for cookies and a ride on her tire swing.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Highlights of Spring (so far)

 1.  Watching Anthony perform in the Spring Sing (video to follow).  Daddy came straight from the airport; he got back from China just in time.

2.  Easter and all the fun it entailed.

3.  The first hot day of the year.  We did water play with the neighbor kids.  Playtime was followed by a mass bike ride to Baskin-Robbins.  Daddy accompanied five kids on his scooter while the Mommies walked.  We were thrilled to arrive at the ice cream store to discover that Daddy had the whole scene under control.

4.  Cheering for our friends matching in the Community Parade.

5.  The first San Jose Giants game of the season, complete with bounce houses!
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Today was our block's third annual Easter Egg Hunt. The hunt took place in four yards on both sides of the street (we closed the street), then with bikes and other outdoor play and brunch to follow.

Anthony ate a STUNNING amount of sugar. At one point he quit the hunt to start eating his candy. Miss Kathryn brought out her portable fire pit to make s'mores out of Peeps. Anthony rejected those, but ate plenty of uncooked goodies.

It was a great party until the police came and broke it up. Evidently someone tattled on us for closing the street without permission. It certainly wasn't anyone on our end of the street, they were all outside with us. The policeman was really very nice about it, actually. It was a pretty sedate at the time--kids were lined up for the stomp rocket and the adults were sitting down chatting!
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Four and a HALF

Anthony was quite excited to be four and a half. You see, four and a half year olds can do all sorts of things that regular four year olds don't do, like being in charge of feeding the cat. In this case, he climbed up in Miss Kathryn's olive tree following the college kids. He made it about 8 feet up. He might have been able to go further if allowed.

The big thing that he's been working on in the last six months is phonics skills. He spends a LOT of time saying words and then announcing what they start with. If it follows a normal rule of speech, he gets it right. He's also starting breaking down words into syllables and identifying which letters he hears.

He can read a few sight words--open, stop, exit come to mind. There might be more, but those are the ones he knows for sure. He is VERY proud when he can read a word.
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Monday, April 2, 2012

Marley's Birthday

   Anthony was SO excited for Marley's birthday party.  It was in the evening, after daycare.  I told him that I'd pick him up and take him to her party.  He then asked if I could pick him up before the little kids took their naps.  Umm…  No.

  We haven't been to Chuck-e-Cheese in over two years, so he has no real memory of the place.  His favorite part by far was the carousel that you pedal around.  I tried to teach him how some of the games worked, but they were well above his comprehension level.

  Probably his favorite part of the party was cupcakes, I'll ask in the morning.

  I have to say, I think our friend Rob is right on the money about C.E.C birthday parties--they're very antisocial.  All the games and rides are for one child, two max.  The kids don't really get to play together.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

 I love Palm Sunday services at church.  Its great watching all the children in the processional with their palm branches.  The littlest kids still have a big kid holding their hands just in case.  Anthony did fine.  His pal A, needed to be carried as he found the whole thing a bit overwhelming.  You know packed church full of people singing and watching you.  Can't imagine how a small boy would find it stressful.

  Church was LONG today, a full hour and a half.  It was over an hour before they even finished the "sermon" which was given by the 8th grade confirmation class.  Then there was still communion.  Daddy is still in China so I was happy to enjoy the peace.

 Anthony has gotten much better about separating lately.  Sunday school drop-off used to be pretty bad.  It was all an act, but he'd cling tight and the teachers weren't quite willing to physically remove him from Daddy's leg.  The last week or two drop-off have been pretty easy, hopefully it will continue.  Even today when he saw me in church he waved excitedly and went on his merry way.
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