Monday, July 28, 2008

New Trick

Anthony has a new trick. I see trouble in our future!!

Fortunately, he really hasn't mastered pulling to standing. Or getting from lying down to sitting.
Don't let him fool you thinking that he's HAPPY just sitting and playing with no ambition towards mobility, though. He's gotten pretty good at communicating what he wants, and what he wants is to be pulled to standing so he can cruise.

By the way, we have a walker toy, but the wheels move to fast for him to keep it under control. Pushing the chair on the other hand seems about right for now.

(By the way, he can and has gone further. In this shot, the wall kind of got in his way. Getting babies to perform on video is harder than it looks!)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Picnic with Friends

Today we had a picnic with the other families from our "New Mom's" group. We started our 6 week class when the youngest was 8 days old. (Anthony was about 3 weeks old, I think.) We Moms still get together fairly regularly, but its usually in the evenings without the kids.

Its amazing how much they have all grown and changed. They were these little lumps when we first met and now they move.

We should have taken the picture earlier in the day, at this point they were all starting to melt down a bit.
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Heading towards mobility

For a kid whose favorite activity is walking around the house while holding onto my fingers, Anthony is stunningly immobile.

However, I think those days are coming to an end pretty soon. He's started cruising furniture, but doesn't go far, yet.
While sitting he pivots and will REACH!
And today he pulled to standing for the first time.

We haven't done any childproofing yet, but I think its going to happen FAST!

(In case you haven't figured it out, he desperately wants to knock over my tower.)
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy Mornings

Unfortunately, Anthony has been getting up pretty early. In addition to making us wake before we would like, it means that he requires lots of attention while we're trying to get ready.

Janet gave us an Exersaucer that still keeps him reasonably well entertained. Sometimes though, there's nothing quite like a wooden spoon or two.
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby's First Airplane

Bob was looking forward to buying Anthony his first airplane well before there was an Anthony.

(There were even multiple discussions about how to ensure that a girl would like airplanes, just in case.)

Our area had a Yahoo group for buying/selling kids stuff. Last week someone posted that they were selling a Radio Flyer Retro Rocket and I pounced!

Its pretty much in mint condition and works beautifully. The nosecone spins, the taillight lights up and there are neat buttons to push to make "blast-off" sound effects.

Of course, its actually a rocket ship and not an airplane, but we're conveniently ignoring that. Rocket ships are pretty darn cool, too!
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Anthony's First Haircut

I admit it, it was time. Probably long overdue even. Anyway, we finally got Anthony's haircut. The first picture is our "before", of course. It isn't nearly as wild as it sometimes is!

We went to Cubby Cuts, a children's salon. The two kids ahead of Anthony were screaming bloody murder. He didn't seem to notice, maybe because the tv was LOUD!

Then when it was his turn to sit in the chair, Anthony was totally cooperative. He didn't even seem to mind getting his hair cut. I wonder if it helped that she used scissors and not the clippers.

I had her cut it pretty long. My boy started out with a full head of hair and I don't intend to make him a baldy anytime soon. Depending on how his curls end up, though, I may end up cutting it pretty short when he gets bigger.

Are my boys handsome or what?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nine Month Check-up

Clearly this picture is not from Anthony's doctor appointment, but rather from our flight down to San Luis Obispo last week. He wasn't the greatest passenger as he didn't really nap on the plane.

Anyway, about today's check-up....

22 pounds, 4 ounces and 29 1/4 inches long.
That makes him 75% for both height and weight. (His little head is still off the charts).

His doctor was pleased with his development, didn't seem at all concerned about his hatred of tummy-time and seemed relatively impressed with his cruising ability. She was also pretty impressed with his ability to drink a glass of water. I think she was more impressed with his extreme enthusiasm than the execution.

Anthony only got one shot--the last Hepatitis B vaccination. He was on my lap when the nurse gave it to him and he didn't even cry!
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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fun at the Beach

We went down to visit our friends in Pismo Beach for the 4th of July again this year. There was a whole crew of children who thought that Anthony was the neatest thing, he had quite the entourage.

Saturday we took the whole gang to the beach to play.

At first Anthony wasn't quite sure what he thought of the sand. (He was definitely intimidated by the ocean.) He warmed up to it pretty quickly, though. He liked kicking it and feeling it in his hands. (And playing with the bucket.) Unfortunately, at one point he decided to taste the sand and was clearly shocked that it really wasn't that pleasant to eat. (Picture coming soon.)

Unfortunately, Anthony really wouldn't keep his hat on, despite my frequent admonishons that "Babies Wear Hats". He was mostly in the shade, though.

Doesn't he look adorable in his little swim trunks???

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Mommy's Messy Eater

Anthony still isn't interested in finger food like cheerioes. He has developed a taste for Gerber teething biscuits, though. They're kind of gross--they dissolve and leave a little film on his hands and everything he touches.

Unfortunately, Anthony is starting to lose interest in his pureed food. A month ago he'd be EXCITED at the side of a spoon--arms and legs waving in delight. Now he'll still eat but with a lot less vigor.

While he isn't into finger-feeding he has started to show interest in feeding himself with the spoon. Disgusting! He has his own spoon and of course smears food everywhere!!!

(This may sound like normal baby behavior, but for the last few months he was so intent on eating that he wouldn't interfere with the spoon and would finish a meal essentially clean.)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Nine Months Old!

Yep, our little Firecracker is 9 months old.
At his check-up on Wednesday we'll get new vital stats.
This months accomplishments:
1. He's added ba-ba-ba-ba-ba to his vocabulary. He is also a pro at blowing raspberries
2. He's generally been playing with his tongue a lot lately. Sticking it out, twisting it around in his mouth, etc.
3. Bob taught him to hand a toy back to us. We'll give him a toy, and then hold our hand out and he'll give the toy back to us. (He seems to get a kick out of it when we say "Thank you".
4. Not much progress on crawling, but he'll certainly rotate around and tummy-scoot backwards. He's starting to push his little tushy up in the air but has a way to go. Still hates tummy time. (We're trying to get serious about it, though.)
5. He's gotten REALLY good at walking holding on to our hands.
6. He's starting to roll a ball back to us.
7. When we build towers of blocks, he LOVES to knock them down.
8. Not much progress on eating solid foods, but he will gnaw a teething biscuit down. (I'll post a picture soon.)
9. I think he understands Peek-a-boo, but its not a hit.
10. Separation anxiety is definitely rearing its ugly head--definitely likes Mama best.
11. Can physically indicate wants--he'll hold his arms up for up (or down for down), and clearly indicate whether he wants to "go" to someone.
12. He's really trying to pull to standing. Hasn't quite figured it out, but he will certainly try.
Sorry this picture is sideways, I was having computer issues!