Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

   As expected, the trick-or-treat was the highlight of the day.  Anthony was out for almost TWO hours!  Ciaran came over and we also joined forces with Claire and Robert.  Let's just say a lot of candy was consumed over the course of the evening.

  Instead of preschool's annual Halloween program, they had a Halloween party.  Each room had a different theme.  Anthony's favorite was the sensory area--witch brains (peeled tomatoes), skeleton fingers (pickles) as well as just buckets of jelly to play in.  There were also some neat activities in the pumpkin room, he particularly enjoyed using a hammer to pound golf tees into a pumpkin.

  I handed out books again this year.  They were generally quite popular!  It makes sense, most families I know require the kid to surrender most of the candy.  This way the kid gets a treat they get to keep.
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