Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Second Birthday Everyone!

Anthony was about a month old when I joined the "New Moms 1" group at El Camino hospital. We'd get together once a week and learn about nutrition, sleep, development, etc. It was a great opportunity to meet other new mothers and we continue to get together pretty regularly, usually without the kids.

Yesterday was our birthday party. Almost everyone was there and it was great seeing all the little kiddos. Anthony had a good time but he was not completely enthusiastic about the water. He was fine in the kiddie pool as long as Daddy was in with him, though. (Some of the other kids were little fish.)

I didn't bother to re-dress him after the pool. I think it was the right call. He may look a little bare-chested in the group photo but he was easy to clean up after his cupcake! Cupcake was a great success. He eats them differently than the other kids, though. Most kids lick off the frosting and discard the cupcake. He prefers the cupcake and throws away the frosting!

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