Thursday, February 10, 2011

Skiing was a Bust

The skiing part of Ciaran's birthday weekend was a bit of a bust. Basically, Anthony wanted nothing to do with the activity, including standing up on his skis. He did enjoy riding the chairlift.

I think the biggest problem (besides being young) was that he was WAY overtired. The plan, which I knew was destined for failure at the outset, was to arrive at 11:30 pm and transfer to bed and sleep through the night. Alas, he woke up around 11 and said bright and cheerily, "Mama, look at the stars." He then sung for awhile. When we got to the cabin I explained to Anthony that everyone else was asleep and we'd go straight to bed quietly so not to wake everyone else. Anthony then said, "But Mama, I thought we were going skiing." Not 'til morning kid. He then woke up early. Not really the best start to the day.

Anthony WILL be in ski school while we're in Colorado. I miss carving up the slopes on my board.

Oh, a special note for our friends in cold places. It was sunny and warm, I think it was 57F!
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