Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boat Ride

This year's camping trip with my sister and her family brought us to Moro Bay State Park. Back in February when we planned this trip, the beach in August sounded like a fine idea. Of course, this is the summer that never was, so it was a grey cold weekend at the beach, but we still had a good time.

Saturday afternoon after lunched we headed out for a kayak ride to the sand spit that separates Moro Bay from the Pacific. Andrea and her family rented a canoe and we took our kayak out for a spin. Anthony sat at my feet and had a great ride. He was so relaxed he even nodded off. (Well, he didn't sleep well the previous night either.) The dunes at the sand spit had wonderful sand. Its really too bad we didn't bring more sand toys with us, it was the best beach we encountered that weekend.

Anthony was so great in the kayak, we were truly pleased. We'll have to do more rides in the future--Elkhorn Slough calls.
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