Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Formation Flying

Bob spent last weekend up in Washington at a formation flying clinic. He finds it more helpful flying in air with actual pilots, rather than up and down the hallway with Anthony.

Anthony and I were on our own all weekend and we filled it up! We spent most of Saturday at Happy Hollow with Ciaran. We had a great time, but Anthony was pretty wiped out afterwards.

Sunday was more of a typical Sunday. We went to church, then the farmer's market. Anthony was exhausted so I let him take a 2 1/2 hour nap after lunch. (Normally he isn't allowed to nap, he'll stay up all night.)

J from preschool came over for a playdate after nap. Anthony has a pretty rough time hosting playdates at his house, but was REALLY excited to have J come. The boys had a really, really nice time together. It was probably one of the more successful playdates we've hosted. It helped that we were outside most of the time, its easier to share and take turns outside.) The boys mostly jumped in the bounce house and played in the playhouse.
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Elly said...

Ciaran was exhausted, too. He fell asleep in the car within about 5 minutes. We had the party in the afternoon and I stayed longer than I'd planned. A really tiring day. We took it easy on Sunday: Cars 2 in the morning, then quiet art time at home in the afternoon.