Sunday, May 31, 2015

Make Mine a Sasparilla--Columbia Diggins

Yesterday we had the opportunity to participate in an incredibly neat event at Columbia Historic State Park--Columbia Diggins.  Bob flew us into Columbia and we walked to the park from the airport.

Anthony was a little crabby from the walk, so we immediately went on a stagecoach ride.  Richard, especially, loved it and talked about riding the horsies for the rest of the day.

Down below the state park itself (which alternates between cool history and tourist trap), they recreated 1852 Columbia, the height of the gold rush.  We attended a trial, bought lemonade in tin cups a the bakery, and indulged in sasparilla at the saloon.  Anthony's favorite activity was helping out in the gold mine.  We watched the miners work, and Anthony started asking if he could help.  The guy replied that Anthony's hands were full.  Anthony immediately pushed his cookie into my hand and went off to grab a shovel! Richard meanwhile amused himself by playing with rocks.

He also really enjoyed attending school at the schoolhouse.  He learned that gold was discovered in 1848 and they read poetry out of a primer.

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