Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anthony Says...

Anthony (completely unprompted): "There's no poop in my diaper."
Daddy: "Do you need a clean diaper?"
Anthony: No thank you."

Anthony (describing his cookie): "With sprinklers"

Poop (as a swear word)
Makes Mama so proud.

When presented with breakfast: "No, I want lunch!"

"Open Sestane" (To lift the "gate" while playing with trucks)

Anthony and Robert are playing together in Robert's bedroom. His mom and I were in the kitchen.
Anthony: "Help, Help"
Robert: "No help, no help"
(Of course I went running, Robert had climbed out of the crib, Anthony was stuck inside still, still calling help.)
Robert (puffing out his chest): "No help, big boy"
(Okay, I guess that one was more Robert than Anthony, but it still cracks me up. He can finally climb out of his crib now. Today after nap he asked permission to climb out.)

"Oh Man" instead of "Amen"
Particularly amusing given how many times Mama broke the 3rd commandment upon discovering that the refrigerator was no longer keeping food cool. Fortunately, our neighbor had plenty of space in her fridge for us. Darn thing is only 3 years old. Everyone says they don't make appliances like they used to, and they are right!

There's plenty more, I'll add them when they pop into my head.
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Elly said...

I love hearing all their funny little saying. The 'I want lunch' one gave me a good laugh! Looking forward to more.