Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy

After dinner at Fiesta del Mar, we went to the bookstore cafe where I met Bob the first time for dessert. Mom had warned me that Anthony expected to blow out candles, so I made sure to have a birthday candle and a lighter in my purse.

Good thing!

After the boys sang "Happy Birthday" we gave Anthony a piece of cake which he completely ignored! Instead, he yelled, "Again!" Evidently he wanted to sing and blow out candles. He did it at least five times. (We had enough sense to keep the candle on HIS piece of cake which was pretty much covered in spittle by the time the candle was burnt down.)

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Elly said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a fun evening (you looked very lovely, BTW). Ciaran is also fairly obsessed with cake, candles and singing happy birthday. Fortuitously, it is my birthday in a couple of months, so he'll have an opportunity!