Monday, June 7, 2010

Funny Things

While we were eating dinner last night, Anthony pointed to a piece of gnocchi on his plate and said, "It misses its mommy."

I asked him where its mommy was.
He replied, "I ate the mommy!"

Still no pictures, computer still broken...

We went to the water park yesterday to go swimming. We could have gone to the public pool a mile from our house, but I thought Anthony would be happier swimming in the lagoon. I was right, it took him a while to ease into the water. He started off splashing in the water's edge, running a foot or two in (ankle deep) and running back, etc. He ended up coming all the way in and having a grand old time.

We played on the kiddie water slide on the way out. It took him a LONG TIME to work up the nerve to go down. Like, probably 15 or 20 kids went ahead of him while he was getting ready. He thought it was great, even though he got a face full of spray at the bottom. (The slide was about 4 feet high and had an even gentler slope than a playground slide.)

Another funny, "I want to ride THAT one" he says, while pointing to the upside down roller-coaster. I'm not quite sure what to tell him. I'm currently sticking with, "You're not tall enough yet." Its the truth. He's very insistent that he wants to ride the big rides.

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