Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What does Anthony do all day??

Frankly, its a bit of a mystery to us.

He doesn't really talk about his day much and the days of full summary are long gone. Basically, we figure out what he does at daycare by what he does at home that we didn't teach him.

Example: he learned a bunch of songs including the alphabet song.
Basic manners (Kathleen INSISTS on please and thank you)
Ring around the rosie

And our newest activity:
Duck, duck goose

As we walked out of the house this morning, Anthony was patting himself on the head saying, "Duck, duck, duck" It was totally cute!

They spend a lot of time doing free-play. Kathleen has a jungle gym, tricycles, a play house and tons of toys. When I drop him off in the morning his pal William comes running over with a truck saying, "Here's your truck, PLAY with me!"

No pictures. Bob's computer is VERY ill and will be at the doctor all week at least.

Mom--we're not buying another Dell product either.

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